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CFG-studio Grants


Getting approvals for CFG-studio Grants Program


The Role of Canada
in CFG-studio Educational Project


The exclusive purpose of the CFG-studio Grants is to encourage & render available to the whole public worldwide the culture of contemporary flamenco guitar, specifically the works related to Paco de Lucia's contributions and innovations on the Spanish & compositional musical field as well as in the Flamenco-Jazz realm for guitar players, guitar teachers, composers and beyond.


Grant 42



Grant 41

Progressions and Scales


Grant 40

Melodic Analysis


Grant 39

Melodic Phrases


Grant 38

4/4 Accompaniment


Grant 37

Rhythmic Performance


Grant 36

Rasgueo Techniques


Grant 35

Rhythmic Accompaniment


Grant 34

Melodic Creation


Grant 33

Melodic Analysis


Grant 32



Grant 31

Rhythmic Analysis


Grant 30

Ear Training


Grant 29



Grant 28

"Por Chick"


Grant 27

"Rumba 3"


Grant 26



Grant 25

Accompaniment of Cante

Grant 24

Why a Standard Contemporary Flamenco Guitar Lesson Must Be Based on Paco de Lucía’s Discography

Grant 23

Dynamic Way to Play Falsetas

Grant 22

How to Practice Falsetas with Metronome and Without

Grant 21

For Researchers and Musicologists – What is Cante “Corto de Jerez”

Grant 20

For Researchers and Musicologists – What is the Bulería

Grant 19

For Researchers and Musicologists – The Two Kinds of Bulería

Grant 18

For Researchers and Musicologists – What Is the Essence of Flamenco

Grant 17

What a Falseta Is

Grant 16

Difference Between “Flamenco por Derecho” and “Planned Flamenco”

Grant 15

What is a “Llamada” and a “Cierre” – The Code of Flamenco (Commanding)

Grant 14

“Parado” Technique

Grant 13

Counting and Playing Simultaneously (Taught to Others) on Alegrías / Soleá por Bulería

Grant 12

Jaleo and Bulería “Flam” Examples

Grant 11

The Way Paco de Lucía Uses the Fragments of Diminished Scale

Grant 10

“Flam” Technique

Grant 9

Counting and Playing Simultaneously

Grant 8

Interpretation, Analysis and Composition in Bulería

Grant 7

Interpretation and Composition in Bulería


Grant 6
For Flamenco/Jazz Guitar Players &
Schoolars of Harmony


Grant 5
For Flamenco Guitar Players & Flamenco Guitar Teachers


Grant 4
For Flamenco Guitar Teachers &
Video/Webcam Flamenco Guitar Teachers


Grant 3
For Flamenco Guitar Players & Flamenco Guitar Teachers


Grant 2
For Scholars and Researchers of World Music,
Composition, Flamenco & Jazz


Grant 1
For Flamenco Guitar Players